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Monday, 3 October 2011

Opal Is October Birthstone

Precious Opal

The precious opal is very popular nowadays. The Opal is derived from the world “opalus” which means precious stone in Latin. At Romans, they called it as “Cupid Paederos” which means of the beautiful of child with love. This colorful stone is said that have the power to bring beauty, happiness and good eyesight to the wearer. That is the reason why in the past opals is so known and popular among royalty to wear as a necklace to protect them. Example, Queen Victoria presented this precious stone to her children thus make the stone popular.
Another saying about Opal is, this precious gemstone is fall from the heaven, just because of the color, like a rainbow under the light, and different color which mainly you can see the Fire Opal, like the sun light. Opal is referred as “queen of gems” in Shakespeare book Twelfth Night. Above all is all about praised of Opals, but it had been referred as “stone of evil” in a novel written by Sir Walter Scott in 1887.

Variety Color of Opal

Opal Have variety color. The name itself is means that “to see a change in color”. You can see like a rainbow colors when viewed these precious opal in different angles. Those opals that we often see that set into jewels is milky white base with colorful color flashes give it a very beautiful and valuable look. White Opal is colorless, and sometimes it can be pale red, pale yellow, gray or black, because sometimes different light can cause any color of it. Fire Opal has the colorful color, which is from the base color to the yellow and to orange or red body. The most expensive one is Black Opal, which is the rarest Opal also, and due to the darkness black base color, where the color can be from blue, dark grey to black. Another choice for Opal is Crystal Water Opal. This group of opal is colorless, and contains brilliant flashes of color within the opal itself. A small tip for you: Opal contains 30% of water. So over a time, the beautiful color of opal may become dull due to the loss of water.

      Milky White Base Opal           


                       Black Opal                                        

  Fire Opal

The Properties of Precious Opal

The opal is the traditional birthstone of October. (Alternative is Pink Tourmaline, can see the short description below). It brings the positive changes for the wearer. It is associated with Hope, Purity, Happiness, Loyalty and confidence. It will help you to be friendly, and calm down your hot tempers. The colorful stone is said that can bring out ones’ hidden imagination and dreams. For the wearer, it can help to protect them against the evil & nightmare and good for the eyesight while bring confidence. October is coming, a gift of Opal is nice to consider as because it is symbolic of faithfulness and confidence. And you can’t imagine how much the power that will bring the benefit to the wearers is.

Sources of the Precious Opal

Deposits of Opal mostly found in Southern Australia. Over the time, Mexico is known for Fire Opals. Other sources of Opal are Brazil, Nevada, Africa, United States and some of the part from Soviet Union.  

Kelly Osbourne at the American Music Awards,    
   wearing some amazing Opal Jewels.        

                               Linda Jackson,  Australian most prolific artists                                  
 And designers wear a stunning opal Necklace.  

Alternative October Birthstone – Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is the alternative birthstone for October Born. The name is believed that derived from the Sri Lankan word “toramalli” , which is means of “something little out of the earth in colorful stone”. That’s another saying is this kind of stone is known as the “peace stone” which believed that it can protect the wearer from fears and calm. The tourmaline also considered as “stone of muse”.
The Pink Tourmaline can be found in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Burma. Mostly the range of color of Pink Tourmaline is from pastel pink to ruby red. Pink tourmaline once in a past has been mistaken as rubies and sapphires. The famous Tourmaline, the size of a pigeon’s egg, is belonging to the Russian Empress Catherine. Pink Tourmaline can be considered as a gift for October Born, as a symbolic of hope and friendship and stimulate the creative of the wearer.

                        Pink Tourmaline in Pendant                                 

Tourmaline in Variety colors

Judith Ripka pink tourmaline and diamond 'Berge' rope bangle

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