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Thursday, 29 September 2011

July Birth Stone – Red Gemstone called Ruby

My Favorite Color Stone – RUBIES
Ruby named because of its Red Color which from Latin – Ruber or Rubrum (means red). Before 1800, it is known as Sapphires, as well as Red Spinel and Red Garnet (Which is also red color, but the contains is different where ruby is from Corundum). Ruby is the most valuable variety from Corundum (which sapphire is one of them, it is September Birth Stone).
Definition & Meaning
The traditional birthstone of July, means of courage, strong and vitality. These gemstones represent brave and bringing happiness, energy, success, positive thoughts and generosity.  That’s a legend about it, which a kings worn it and give them the power to protect them from the evil and bad luck. And for those who wear it, it is believed that it will increase the love n passion and protection for them towards any problem and unfortunate things. But in other hand, those rubies are consider bringing bad luck and not good if its property turn deeper in color.

The Attractive Color of Rubies
The color of rubies can be from Orange Red to Purplish Red. The Pure Red is the most Prizes one. Some of the Rubies are so called Pigeon Blood, is the most desirable color, and is considered as the MOST valuable rubies among all. Rubies are one of the most expensive gems, and also one of the hardest gems, after diamonds (Diamonds is Birth Stone for April). Sometimes, heat treatment is used to enhance the color of rubies, and to improve the color so that it becomes redder. This is why it so called Heated Rubies or Unheated Rubies.

The Most Famous Rubies Among All – The Black Prince’s Ruby at United Kingdom.

Sources of Rubies
For centuries, the most important deposit has been in upper Myanmar near Mogok. The Largest Rubies weighted 400ct, was found in Burma, and had been divided into three parts to cut into small gems in different sizes & shape.
For all above, I like rubies, because of the red color, because the red color is the favorite color for Chinese, and it is means of happiness and wealth for Chinese. Even it is not my month birth stone, I will buy one for collection someday.

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