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Monday, 26 September 2011

My Birth Stone - Aquamarine (March)

March Birth Stone – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is so named because of its seawater color. It is derived from the Latin “aqua” (water), and “mare” (sea). The name is also refers to the parish blue, light blue-green or even light green variety of beryl. According to the old traditional, wearing an aquamarine promises a happy marriage and it is said that will bring happiness and wealth to the person. It is an ideal gem, for loving & married couples.
The color of Aquamarine – blue means of sympathy, trust, harmony, bring into a good & tight relationship among friends and family. It is also said that, will bring good feelings, which the feelings are based on mutuality and prove of worth lasting relationships. So a gift of aquamarine can be considered, to catch your partner’s eyes, and to bring both safety & security for long lasting relationship.
In Europe, Aquamarine is very popular, as a must wear accessories like all kinds of Jewels and a kind of things to antidote to poison. In Greek, it is believed Aquamarine can bring love to young & was considered the best gift to bride in a marriage. In Romans, aquamarine is used to treat sickness of stomach, throat and so on.
Aquamarine always can be found in different cut and shapes, and sizes to set into rings, earrings, pendants, brooch, bracelet and necklace. Usually Aquamarine is free from inclusions, if compare with others gemstones like Emerald which is more fragile, and color sapphire or Rubies.

An Emerald Aquamarine free of inclusions.

Different Shape & Cut of Aquamarine (Emerald Cut, Round Shape, Radiant Cut, Oval Shape)

Sources of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is really fantastic beautiful gems stones. The historical source is from Madagascar. But today, the largest & popular source is from Brazil and others like China, India, Australia, Africa countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria, Afghanistan, Russia & United Stated. In Year 1920 , the Largest Crystal Aquamarine was found in Brazil, which is 19 inches long, 16 inches wide and weighed 243 pounds, which greenish on the outside and blue on the inside, and so transparent that objects were clearly visible. Another well known aquamarine from Brazil is a 911 carat, which is now displayed in Smithsonian Museum in Washington, with other famous gems stone like Hope Diamond.
Nowadays, Aquamarine had become famous and highly demands by international designers & jewels Supplier. Through innovative cutting, Aquamarine become hot among the modern designers, to make into very unique & classic jewels, and look perfectly for fashionable modern woman and become a good value in international market.

The Princess of Lowenstein-Wertheim – Rosenberg is wearing An Aquamarine Diamond Pendants in Pear Shape.

Aquamarines Set in Different Classic Design of Rings

In all of the story of Aquamarine, i already get one lucky Aquamarine stone for myself, which is Round Shape, which set into a pendant, and it means everything comes good for me. So  what to wait girls, get a lucky stone according to your birth month today..

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