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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Orange Color for November-Citrine

History About Citrine – November Birth Stone
Citrine is the traditional Birth Stone for November. Citrine named is comes from the French word "citron," which the meaning is lemon. That’s upon a time ago, Romans were the first who wear Yellow Quartz stone that set in jewels. Citrine then became very popular among Romans Century, where a lot of these gemstones were set in jewelry. Later part, Citrine is said that become popular again in the year of 1930s , which the period is between First & Second Wold War. Like all other gemstones of the individuals’ months, Citrine is believed that it has its own magical powers, against the evil thoughts, and also cure illness.

Meaning Behind
That’s a lot of saying about the meaning and the power behind this beautiful color stone – Citrine. Besides encouraging people to be more self confidence and self esteem, it also will improve individual performance in daily, motivate and develop positive attitude towards problem solving. Citrine is Yellow / Gold color, which the color is the same as “MONEY” color. In Chinese, it’s called GOLD. That’s why it is said that Citrine is the “Lucky Stone” for sales or business. Last but not less, Citrine bring hopes, bringing healthy, bringing youth.
Birth Stone Color
Citrine is the quartz crystal or cluster that is yellow or orange in color. The Natural Citrine is rare and mostly pale yellow. Some of the Citrine is like golden color too. Well colored Citrine is mostly making into Pendants & Rings, as it can bring out the prettiest color when moving your hands and body through the light. Less attractive color is normally made into necklaces and others jewels such as brooch, charm bracelet etc….That’s a saying about Citrine will changing color, when it is heated, and that’s the reason for some , why it cannot be left under the sunlight or any lights which may change it color.

                    The Oval Shape Citrine                          

          Set in Rings (the yellow citrine replace Yellow Diamond)         

Sources of Citrine
Sources of citrine include Brazil, Bolivia, several African countries and parts of the Soviet Union. Mainly natural citrines are found in Brazil, Madagascar, as well as Argentina, Myanmar, Russia, Spain, Scotland.

Trend Of Citrine
Nowadays, Citrine is consider as popular gemstone among all which the color is standing out – Gold or Yellow color. And it is always used to replace Yellow Topaz or Yellow Diamond, which the price is more comfortable for purchaser, and the later part is more expensive. Just to consider a gift of Citrine – which mean Hope, Brightness your future, Symbolize friendship and Love & is an ideal stuff. Get a Lucky Stone, you will feel lucky Today. 
Kate Winslet wearing citrine Bracelet the Oscars

Alternative Birth Stone For November
** Yellow Topaz  - This yellow color stone is believed by the Egyptians that it will bring hope and show the ability to give & receive Love.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Opal Is October Birthstone

Precious Opal

The precious opal is very popular nowadays. The Opal is derived from the world “opalus” which means precious stone in Latin. At Romans, they called it as “Cupid Paederos” which means of the beautiful of child with love. This colorful stone is said that have the power to bring beauty, happiness and good eyesight to the wearer. That is the reason why in the past opals is so known and popular among royalty to wear as a necklace to protect them. Example, Queen Victoria presented this precious stone to her children thus make the stone popular.
Another saying about Opal is, this precious gemstone is fall from the heaven, just because of the color, like a rainbow under the light, and different color which mainly you can see the Fire Opal, like the sun light. Opal is referred as “queen of gems” in Shakespeare book Twelfth Night. Above all is all about praised of Opals, but it had been referred as “stone of evil” in a novel written by Sir Walter Scott in 1887.

Variety Color of Opal

Opal Have variety color. The name itself is means that “to see a change in color”. You can see like a rainbow colors when viewed these precious opal in different angles. Those opals that we often see that set into jewels is milky white base with colorful color flashes give it a very beautiful and valuable look. White Opal is colorless, and sometimes it can be pale red, pale yellow, gray or black, because sometimes different light can cause any color of it. Fire Opal has the colorful color, which is from the base color to the yellow and to orange or red body. The most expensive one is Black Opal, which is the rarest Opal also, and due to the darkness black base color, where the color can be from blue, dark grey to black. Another choice for Opal is Crystal Water Opal. This group of opal is colorless, and contains brilliant flashes of color within the opal itself. A small tip for you: Opal contains 30% of water. So over a time, the beautiful color of opal may become dull due to the loss of water.

      Milky White Base Opal           


                       Black Opal                                        

  Fire Opal

The Properties of Precious Opal

The opal is the traditional birthstone of October. (Alternative is Pink Tourmaline, can see the short description below). It brings the positive changes for the wearer. It is associated with Hope, Purity, Happiness, Loyalty and confidence. It will help you to be friendly, and calm down your hot tempers. The colorful stone is said that can bring out ones’ hidden imagination and dreams. For the wearer, it can help to protect them against the evil & nightmare and good for the eyesight while bring confidence. October is coming, a gift of Opal is nice to consider as because it is symbolic of faithfulness and confidence. And you can’t imagine how much the power that will bring the benefit to the wearers is.

Sources of the Precious Opal

Deposits of Opal mostly found in Southern Australia. Over the time, Mexico is known for Fire Opals. Other sources of Opal are Brazil, Nevada, Africa, United States and some of the part from Soviet Union.  

Kelly Osbourne at the American Music Awards,    
   wearing some amazing Opal Jewels.        

                               Linda Jackson,  Australian most prolific artists                                  
 And designers wear a stunning opal Necklace.  

Alternative October Birthstone – Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is the alternative birthstone for October Born. The name is believed that derived from the Sri Lankan word “toramalli” , which is means of “something little out of the earth in colorful stone”. That’s another saying is this kind of stone is known as the “peace stone” which believed that it can protect the wearer from fears and calm. The tourmaline also considered as “stone of muse”.
The Pink Tourmaline can be found in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Burma. Mostly the range of color of Pink Tourmaline is from pastel pink to ruby red. Pink tourmaline once in a past has been mistaken as rubies and sapphires. The famous Tourmaline, the size of a pigeon’s egg, is belonging to the Russian Empress Catherine. Pink Tourmaline can be considered as a gift for October Born, as a symbolic of hope and friendship and stimulate the creative of the wearer.

                        Pink Tourmaline in Pendant                                 

Tourmaline in Variety colors

Judith Ripka pink tourmaline and diamond 'Berge' rope bangle

Thursday, 29 September 2011

July Birth Stone – Red Gemstone called Ruby

My Favorite Color Stone – RUBIES
Ruby named because of its Red Color which from Latin – Ruber or Rubrum (means red). Before 1800, it is known as Sapphires, as well as Red Spinel and Red Garnet (Which is also red color, but the contains is different where ruby is from Corundum). Ruby is the most valuable variety from Corundum (which sapphire is one of them, it is September Birth Stone).
Definition & Meaning
The traditional birthstone of July, means of courage, strong and vitality. These gemstones represent brave and bringing happiness, energy, success, positive thoughts and generosity.  That’s a legend about it, which a kings worn it and give them the power to protect them from the evil and bad luck. And for those who wear it, it is believed that it will increase the love n passion and protection for them towards any problem and unfortunate things. But in other hand, those rubies are consider bringing bad luck and not good if its property turn deeper in color.

The Attractive Color of Rubies
The color of rubies can be from Orange Red to Purplish Red. The Pure Red is the most Prizes one. Some of the Rubies are so called Pigeon Blood, is the most desirable color, and is considered as the MOST valuable rubies among all. Rubies are one of the most expensive gems, and also one of the hardest gems, after diamonds (Diamonds is Birth Stone for April). Sometimes, heat treatment is used to enhance the color of rubies, and to improve the color so that it becomes redder. This is why it so called Heated Rubies or Unheated Rubies.

The Most Famous Rubies Among All – The Black Prince’s Ruby at United Kingdom.

Sources of Rubies
For centuries, the most important deposit has been in upper Myanmar near Mogok. The Largest Rubies weighted 400ct, was found in Burma, and had been divided into three parts to cut into small gems in different sizes & shape.
For all above, I like rubies, because of the red color, because the red color is the favorite color for Chinese, and it is means of happiness and wealth for Chinese. Even it is not my month birth stone, I will buy one for collection someday.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Definition of the Sapphire – September Birth Stone

Sapphire – the name is derived from the Latin “Sapphirus” and Greek “Sapheiros”, from a Sanskrit word, which mean Blue and Precious Stone. Sapphire is one of the member of Conrundum, as well as Rubies (which is July Birth Stone). These gemstones is well known among the royalty family in Europe among the centuries. It can be seen among the British Crown Jewels, and the engagement Ring which Prince Charles chooses for his fiancée, Princess Diana, also the engagement ring for propose his fiancée Ms Kate Middleton by Princes William.
Princes William Engage with blue Sapphire 

Princess Diana Engage with blue Sapphire 

The meaning behind

Sapphires are mean of protective against envy, and also poisoning. The blue color sapphires is believed that can cure illness & stronger your eyesight. A gift of sapphire means of faithfulness & sincerity & honest. These September gemstones are believed that it has the power to solve health problem likes hearing problem, fevers, burns, poisoning and so on.  In other way, the blue colors of sapphires means a lot in many aspects of life, such as religious, socials, and symbolic wisdom and purity.

The Color of Sapphire

That’s variety color of Sapphires – Pink Sapphires, Red Sapphires, Purple Sapphire, Green Sapphire, White Sapphire……..which these colors other than blue is called as Fancy Sapphires. But the color of sapphire for September Birth Stone is Deep Blue Sapphire. The color is strongly popular in jewelry. Sapphires can be very dark blue, and sometimes is accompanied by a blue to dull green. And they may also be strong, which can be easily recognizable from a distance.
Different Color Sapphires     

Deep Blue / Dark Blue Sapphires  

Sources of Blue Sapphires

Sapphires were early found as at 7th Century at India and Sri Lanka, and the excellent specimens are known to be found in Tanzania and the Kola Pennensula of Russia. Today, these gemstones also can be found in Myanmar, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, China & United States. Some sapphires also found in Burma, but it is in limited quantities only, and also Thailand & neighboring Cambodia. The Largest & Most Famous Star Sapphire are found in India , which the weight is 563 carat and named as Star of India.

Hurry Up. Get one lucky Blue Sapphire for yourself today. A small little ring or a pendats, or whatever which is you prefer.


Monday, 26 September 2011

My Birth Stone - Aquamarine (March)

March Birth Stone – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is so named because of its seawater color. It is derived from the Latin “aqua” (water), and “mare” (sea). The name is also refers to the parish blue, light blue-green or even light green variety of beryl. According to the old traditional, wearing an aquamarine promises a happy marriage and it is said that will bring happiness and wealth to the person. It is an ideal gem, for loving & married couples.
The color of Aquamarine – blue means of sympathy, trust, harmony, bring into a good & tight relationship among friends and family. It is also said that, will bring good feelings, which the feelings are based on mutuality and prove of worth lasting relationships. So a gift of aquamarine can be considered, to catch your partner’s eyes, and to bring both safety & security for long lasting relationship.
In Europe, Aquamarine is very popular, as a must wear accessories like all kinds of Jewels and a kind of things to antidote to poison. In Greek, it is believed Aquamarine can bring love to young & was considered the best gift to bride in a marriage. In Romans, aquamarine is used to treat sickness of stomach, throat and so on.
Aquamarine always can be found in different cut and shapes, and sizes to set into rings, earrings, pendants, brooch, bracelet and necklace. Usually Aquamarine is free from inclusions, if compare with others gemstones like Emerald which is more fragile, and color sapphire or Rubies.

An Emerald Aquamarine free of inclusions.

Different Shape & Cut of Aquamarine (Emerald Cut, Round Shape, Radiant Cut, Oval Shape)

Sources of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is really fantastic beautiful gems stones. The historical source is from Madagascar. But today, the largest & popular source is from Brazil and others like China, India, Australia, Africa countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria, Afghanistan, Russia & United Stated. In Year 1920 , the Largest Crystal Aquamarine was found in Brazil, which is 19 inches long, 16 inches wide and weighed 243 pounds, which greenish on the outside and blue on the inside, and so transparent that objects were clearly visible. Another well known aquamarine from Brazil is a 911 carat, which is now displayed in Smithsonian Museum in Washington, with other famous gems stone like Hope Diamond.
Nowadays, Aquamarine had become famous and highly demands by international designers & jewels Supplier. Through innovative cutting, Aquamarine become hot among the modern designers, to make into very unique & classic jewels, and look perfectly for fashionable modern woman and become a good value in international market.

The Princess of Lowenstein-Wertheim – Rosenberg is wearing An Aquamarine Diamond Pendants in Pear Shape.

Aquamarines Set in Different Classic Design of Rings

In all of the story of Aquamarine, i already get one lucky Aquamarine stone for myself, which is Round Shape, which set into a pendant, and it means everything comes good for me. So  what to wait girls, get a lucky stone according to your birth month today..