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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Definition of the Sapphire – September Birth Stone

Sapphire – the name is derived from the Latin “Sapphirus” and Greek “Sapheiros”, from a Sanskrit word, which mean Blue and Precious Stone. Sapphire is one of the member of Conrundum, as well as Rubies (which is July Birth Stone). These gemstones is well known among the royalty family in Europe among the centuries. It can be seen among the British Crown Jewels, and the engagement Ring which Prince Charles chooses for his fiancée, Princess Diana, also the engagement ring for propose his fiancée Ms Kate Middleton by Princes William.
Princes William Engage with blue Sapphire 

Princess Diana Engage with blue Sapphire 

The meaning behind

Sapphires are mean of protective against envy, and also poisoning. The blue color sapphires is believed that can cure illness & stronger your eyesight. A gift of sapphire means of faithfulness & sincerity & honest. These September gemstones are believed that it has the power to solve health problem likes hearing problem, fevers, burns, poisoning and so on.  In other way, the blue colors of sapphires means a lot in many aspects of life, such as religious, socials, and symbolic wisdom and purity.

The Color of Sapphire

That’s variety color of Sapphires – Pink Sapphires, Red Sapphires, Purple Sapphire, Green Sapphire, White Sapphire……..which these colors other than blue is called as Fancy Sapphires. But the color of sapphire for September Birth Stone is Deep Blue Sapphire. The color is strongly popular in jewelry. Sapphires can be very dark blue, and sometimes is accompanied by a blue to dull green. And they may also be strong, which can be easily recognizable from a distance.
Different Color Sapphires     

Deep Blue / Dark Blue Sapphires  

Sources of Blue Sapphires

Sapphires were early found as at 7th Century at India and Sri Lanka, and the excellent specimens are known to be found in Tanzania and the Kola Pennensula of Russia. Today, these gemstones also can be found in Myanmar, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, China & United States. Some sapphires also found in Burma, but it is in limited quantities only, and also Thailand & neighboring Cambodia. The Largest & Most Famous Star Sapphire are found in India , which the weight is 563 carat and named as Star of India.

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