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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Alexandrite is June Birthstone

Alexandrite is June Birthstone

Alexandrite is one of the beautiful color changing stones in nature.  It is so rare that, when the modern list of birthstone is appearing, and it was listed as June’s Birthstone.

The History about Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a new gemstone which found only about 150 years ago. A Russian write – Nikolai Semyonovich Leskov (1831-1895) who is the author of novel “Alexandrite, Mysterious Interpretation of a True Fact”, is said that is the first person who found this magical stone in the Ural Mountains Russia.  Alexandrite also referring as “the favorite charm of our time which clears and strengthens blood vessels” in the book of a French Author named French Author Eliphas Levi (1810-1875) named La Clef des Grandes Mysteres. This stone was considered is the best stone ever either in color of quality in the world until 1900’s.  This is about how Alexandrite Found and known until today.

The Beautiful Color of Alexandrite

Alexandrite has beautiful and unique color if compare with other gemstone. The color is changing under different light. In daylight, it is greenish blue (or bluish green, brownish green), while under the incandescent, it turn into red (brownish red, grayish red or purplish red).  It also can be almost emerald colored, but more often is yellowish or brownish green. The ideal color is being brilliant green turning into fiery red. Russian is known produces the rich and vivid color change Alexandrite.  

Value of Alexandrite is highly prized for those color change from green to red. This is because of it rarity, and it is a collector’s item.  I had seen few Alexandrites which the price range per carat is from USD 5000 above. You can see the color changing immediate under the daylight and in a room light.

 The reddish color under normal light.             

The color changing from Green to Reddish.

Sources of Beautiful Alexandrite

At the early period, Alexandrite was found at Russia in 1830. In the 1990’s, these colorful gemstones were discovered in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Ceylon, Burma, Tanzania and Madagascar as well. New find was made in Brazil in 1987 then later with other countries. In the last few years, that’s small quantities of green or bluish colored grossular garnet that turn red had been mistaken as alexandrite been found it East Africa.

Symbolize & Properties

Alexandrite is known for its beneficial effects and beautiful color changing under daylight and incandescent. The stone is said that can bring luck, financial prosperity, calm and powers for the wearer. It protected the wearer from bad things and unexpected changes with any unknown matters. Alexandrite stone is symbol of summer, of Fridays and the 9th day of lunar month, and it is said that is the best day to choosing and purchase alexandrite. Whatever it is, alexandrite is a magical color changing stone, which is admired by most scientists, gem collectors and astrologers the entire world.

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