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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Garnet Precious Stone

About Garnet

Garnet is named from a Latin word “granatus”, meaning of “grain” or “seeds” (pomegranate) which reflect the shape and the color of the stone. That’s many legends and myths which related to this garnet had been handed down through the ages and from different references. One of the stories is about a young goddess of sunshine named Persephone, who has abducted by the god of the underworld named Hades. Before Hades released Persephone, he had offered her some pomegranate seeds which she must guarantee to return back to him.
 Garnet is very popular in Roman times, and it is said that this stone is already known and used at 2300 B.C. in Sumeria, and 1000 B.C. in Sweden. Archaeologist findings have proved that garnet jewelry had been started at Bronze Age which garnet necklace was discovered among the graves of lake dwellers. The hardness of the garnet definitely can break your teeth if you try to bite it.

The Color and the Value of Garnet

Garnet can be found in nearly all other colors such as orange, yellow green, brown, purple or even colorless. The variety colors are because of contains of mineral fibers in the garnet itself that produce the illusion of the lights. The January Birthstone is Deep Red Color and was very popular in Victorian jewelry time. That’s variety types of Garnet which named according to the color itself. For the Deep Red Color, it can be either named as Almandite (deep red / blood red with brown under the stone) and Pyrope (intense Deep Red). That’s another two kinds of Red Garnet which sometimes it is mistaken as Deep Red Garnet is named Rhodolite (rose-red color) and Spessartite (orange to red and brown color).

The value of Garnet is according to the variety colors and the beautiful and rareness of the stone itself. Brilliant Green Garnet which called Demantoid is highly prized and extremely rare. It is the most valuable among all the garnet. These will follow by emerald green garnet and colorless stones, then the Pure Red Garnet. Sometimes the well shaped and complex crystal of garnet itself will make it into a very beautiful color stone which will affect the price as well.

The Meaning of Garnet

The Garnet in Red color was symbolic of Fire and associated with power, prosperity and health. This traditional Birthstone is believed have the power against bad dreams, wounds, poison and removing negativity. It is effective towards health problems likes’ blood, infections, fever and hearts. It is wears as protect of journeys and a gift as a thought of love and safe journey.  Red Garnet crystal is use to decoration also. For Chinese, the red garnet is symbolic of good luck and power and will bring good things for the family. It is very common in Chinese culture, some of people will buy Garnet Crystal and as decoration in the house.

Garnet is believed as a gem of faith and truth. A time ago, warriors believed that garnets are better use than the real bullet. In 1892, British soldiers were fired by garnet bullets by Hanza tribesman during the hostilities on Kashmir frontier. And nowadays, many jewelry such as Pomellato and Tiffany  used garnet to make into jewels, and symbolizes loyalty, heart and it is a trendy at modern century now.  It is favorite stone for celebrities too. Just get one garnet for yourself because it is truly for one for any reasons.
 Hendrika wears a red garnet Necklace  

 MTV's The Hills, wearing silver dimensional cross with garnet stone

 Pomellato Design of Red Garnet Diamond Ring

Tiffany Design of Red Garnet Diamond Bracelet

Sources of Garnet

Over 2500 years ago, Garnet is said that mostly discover at Sri Lanka. And now, it also can be found in many places such as Brazil, Africa, India, Spain, Australia, Russia, North & South America, Arizona and Idaho. Once upon a time, the treasured of Garnet is very popular in 3rd and 4th century Greece and continues to Roman Times.

Different Red Garnet Crystal used as decoration & Feng Shui in Chinese Culture

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