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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Best Gift for December Birth Month

Best Gift for December Birth Month

A Gift of Blue Topaz – Believed in bringing Magical & Cooling down Hot Tempers A Gift For Christmas – means of Love & Lucky and Faithfulness. 

December Birth Stone, Blue Topaz - is derived from the Sanskrit word “tapas” which mean of FIRE and from Greek word “topazion” . That’s another legend saying, which said that the name is named as one of the island of Egypt, which means of beautiful stone was found. 

Meaning Behind

In the past, Blue topaz was known that I can help people to cure sickness like insomnia, asthma, weak vision and so on, which blue topaz is believe that had many powers. In the past, these gemstones are said that it has magical in ability to heal eyesight with powerful effect, by just putting it in the water for three days & ribbed it on the eyes. And the interesting about Blue Topaz, is said that it able to cooling down your hot temper, like cooling the water by putting it in the hot water. Believed it or not, this is just about individual preference. 

Birth Stone Color

There is the first sight; some of the people will see it as Aquamarine. But Blue Topaz is usually a more definite blue, if anything with a grayish tone, which certainly distinguishes it from aquamarine. Blue Topaz – it has a definite, uniform sky-blue color, usually without any overtones. Often, it can be bright or very rarely an intense blue. It sometimes has a slight gray or greenish tinge, giving it a lifeless appearance.  That’s a three shade of Blue Topaz, which is London Blue, Swiss and Sky. This gemstone is usually or almost free of inclusions.

Different Color of Blur Topaz (from Light to Deep Blue)

Deposit of Blue Topaz

That’s variety color of Topaz. But for December Birth stone, Blue Color Topaz is the one, which the orange or yellow Topaz is the birth stone for November. Primarily, Blue Topaz is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Pakistan, and many other countries.  1964, some Blue Topaz weight about 220ib each (100kg) were found in Ukraine. And this had been cut into several thousand carats blue topaz each in The Smithsonian Institution Washington D.C. Blue Topaz also can be found in various parts of United State, Nigeria and Namibia. That’s a new about that Light Blue Topaz is also found in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Cornwall England.

Trend of Blue Topaz

Since 1976, the Blue Color Topaz is known. Almost all blue topaz is sold today. But the value is low if compare with other similar gemstones like Aquamarine, and Sapphires. But still, the demand is high because of the low price, and the variety cut are found in the market and definitely, it is also a nice stone to consider too other than Aquamarine.

Pendants & Ring with Blue Topaz.

Alternative Birth Stone For December

** Turquoise – which is come in green blue & light sky blue, and always known as the  most valuable Non Transparent gemstones in making jewels. And this kind of stones is mean of trust, understandable, kindness & friendly.
** Zicron – which is in hues of brown and greens color. It can be heated to have beautiful blue color.
My personal prefer, I still like Blue topaz as among all. When shopping for it, please make sure it is the real thing and get your right lucky stone for your beloved.  For all of that, you still have to refer your trusted jeweler to make sure you get the right things. This is not the matter of how much you pay, but the matter of the right things you get, and the moment you see, u like, and u get it. It belong to you then..

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  1. Precious Stones are so attractive that I would like to send, Eid gifts to Pakistan, to some one special.