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Sunday, 26 February 2012

The History of Emerald

The History of Emerald
May, is the spring month of new growth and born. That is why Emerald is the birthstone of May which means the refreshing of eyes for spring after the rain. The name of Emerald is derived from a Greek word “smaragdos” which means green stones. Traced beck the history of Emerald, actually these green stone already known by royalty in Babylon and Egypt centuries. People at Spanish Conquistadors were found that they are wearing Emeralds in the sixteenth century.

That’s much famous history about Emeralds. The most famous story is about the Crown of Andes, which was began in 1593, where 24 goldsmiths are involved in the project to set the crown with 453 Emeralds with the total Carat Weight of 1,500 carats. The largest emerald on the crown is 45 carat Atahualpa Emerald.  The crown name is referring to the city of Popayan, high up in the Andes, founded by Spanish in 1537.  The crown was then sold to an American jeweler named Wheaton’s Warren J. Piper in June 1936 with S 125,000. After that it was exhibited all over the North America and attracted around 225,000 visitors in one of the show. Colombian government has been reported that had shown some interest to re-purchase back the 400 years old crown.

At Egypt, the Emerald was known because of the beautiful and powerful Queen who wore Emerald. Cleopatra (69 – 30BC), who was the beautiful queen of Egypt, is known as the best known celebrity of emerald. Just like which Princess Diana was with the Blue Sapphire (the birthstone of September). Queen Cleopatra likes Emerald very much. She often wears Emerald jewels and those visitors who departed from Egypt will always reward by Emerald jewels. Her Emerald will believed that all came from her own country where located near the Red Sea.
 The Crown of Andes               


The Beauty Queen Cleopatra (69 – 30BC)

The Value And The Color of Emerald
Emerald is considered as Beryl family. The color can be from light and bright, with a faint bluish color, to deep green. The Green stone is relatively hard and durable, but the inclusions found in the stone may cause the stone easily broken. And the color may loss due to strong heated. 

The Emerald price can be from very cheap to extremely Expensive. It is depends on the quality and the color from poor to excellent.  Some of the brilliant Emerald with fire (means very shining and rich in deep green color) is more valuable and expensive then diamonds (April Birthstone). Columbia is still the important source of High quality Emerald. Below is The Word Most Expensive Emeralds which by Chopard Design and the Emerald is from Columbia high quality Emerald also.

To make sure you get the right and natural Emerald stone, be sure you go to the right jewels shop and get the right person who knows gemstones better to assist you. It is because nowadays that’s a lot of fake Emerald, which the color is quite pretty, because it is make by the colored cut glass, but the value is not so much. You may just get a small pretty Real Emerald, instead to get a big one with pretty color but is a glass emerald.

Top: The World Most Expensive Emeralds is the Emerald Necklace from Chopard’s “Haute Joillerie” collection with 191 carats of Columbia most beautiful Emeralds cost $ 3 million plus. Bottom: The Beautiful Tiara “Queen Victoria Emerald and Diamonds” own by Queen Victoria and designed by her own husband, the Prince Consort, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, in the Gothic style.

Sources Of Emerald

The world most famous source of Emerald is still belonging to Columbia in South America. Columbia is the most important source of high quality and beautiful and most prized Emerald stone. In 1830, Emeralds is also discovered in Urals at Russia. Other than that, Emeralds also found at Brazil, Norway, Zambia, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria India and Madagascar as well. The recent found is at North Carolina which said that it will provide quality emeralds too if it is continues produce emerald stone. And still do not forget about Egypt – the history of Emerald, still mined in small quantities of Emerald by Bedouin Arabs.

The perfect stone of an everlasting love

Emerald is considered as a “medicine” for people. It is help to restore peace mind, to improve meditation, to cure fever if put the Emerald on the forehead, for any digestive problem, bleeding, and soothing fear and tired eyesSome people believed that Emerald can brings wisdom, growth, patients and strengthen the wearer memory. It also help the wearer to predict the future and enable them to have good future and against the evil spirits that will influence their life.
Emerald is the perfect stone for Everlasting Love. How to say? Do you know that Emerald is the best gift for the anniversary on 20th, 35th and 55th year of marriage? It is means that any couple is in a long term relationship, with an essential for a successful lasting love, and the emerald is considered the symbolic of faith and love in the marriage.

In Roman times, Emerald is considered the stone that means of rebirth and youth. And it is dedicated to the Venus - the goddess of Love and Beauty. The priceless gift is to anyone is also means of kindness and purity in any friend relationship. It is said that the changing color in Emerald for those receiver, is considered as false friends or false witness. It is not a true relationship. In Egypt, the Emerald is considered as eternal youth and the traditional way is to bury this emerald jewels with their death.

Nowadays, Emerald is considered a very precious and royalty jewels. Many jewelers like Cartier, Chopard, Tiffany, Neil Lane and others design are using Emerald to set in luxury jewels. You can see that many celebrities are wearing Emerald Jewels when attend any events and party. . Below are some Celebrities who wear the Beautiful Emerald Jewels in the Oscar Award. Most of the best Hollywood actress wearing them on their red carpet.

Pictures: Angelina Jolie is wearing a set of Emerald Stone Jewels (Ring & Earrings). The 115 carats Columbia Emerald Earring from Lorraine Schwartz worth 5 miilions.


Annette Bening was wearing a lovely pair of 35.00 carats Emerald Earring
Celine Dion is wearing a Diamond and Emerald with Green Garnet Necklace by Bulgari Design.
Kim Kardashian wear an 18-carat blackened gold necklace that had 120 carats of diamonds, 70-carat emerald-and-diamond earrings with 150 carats of emeralds worth more than $4 millions by Lorraine Schwartz.

Amy Adam was wearing the platinum diamond and 30.75 carats emerald haute joaillerie secret watch bracelet worth $1.025 million , with the Emerald Necklace as well from Cartier Design.

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