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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Peridot Represent August Birth Stone

Peridot Represent August Birth Stone

A piece of jewel containing birth stone is said that will bring good luck and protection for those who receive it. Each Birth Stone has it owns meaning as well. Peridot is the birthstone to choose, for your beloved one , or any celebration on August.

Name of Peridot

The name Peridot is derived from Arabic word “Faridat” which means gem. It could also said that the name is from French word “peritot” which means unclear stones. For Egyptians, they call peridot “ the gem of the sun” because of the fire brilliance color seen in under the sun. Additional, Peridot has been referred as Topaz by the Greeks and Romans, because of the golden color, similar with Green Topaz.

The Pretty Green Color Peridot

That’s variety Green color for Peridot. It can be from yellowish green, olive green, medium dark green, deep green or golden yellow peridot. Some very Pretty Green Peridot is called Evening Emeralds – which is the alternative for Emeralds. The most popular and the best is the lime green color which mainly use in the jewelry, which the color is sparkling lime, without a brownish color. Sometimes, the fire is said that appear from the green surface of Peridot, and that’s a saying about it:- the gem is formed as a result of volcanic activity. The environment caused the color of the Peridot most.

The Properties & The Symbolic

The green crystal was associated with Love, Truth, Faithfulness and Loyalty. It is against the evil, and effectively towards healthy problem with breast, lungs, lymph and so on. That’s a saying about it, wearing Peridot in the middle age will help to against the evil spirit. Especially for night, those set in the gold color, to help against night mare.

Sources of Peridot

Island of Zabargad is known as one of the oldest and best sources for Peridot. The island is not a comfortable place to stay with, but it is a pretty nice place to make up of Peridot. Other then that, Peridot can be found in many countries such as, Myanmar, Egypt, Norway, Brazil, Australia, Mogok Germany and many others countries. Many years ago, people found the Peridot crystal in the black sands of Hawaii. Normally, people considered the gem come from Myanmar or Egypt is the best quality early. And in the early period, Peridot mining was done on Saint John’s Island near Egypt. Today Peridot also can be found in China, USA, Oahu, Congo and many others places.
The image of Zabargad – Peridot mines from

The Largest Peridot in the world is found here. Named (Smithsonian Institution collection) is a 311.8 carat (62 g) gemstone.

Peridots have a pleasant green color. A give of this stone will considered bring happiness within a relationship. This beautiful stone has its right and popularity.  The demand is increasing yearly with the new found sources at Pakistan. Lastly, is fun, and is collection to collect Peridots.

Alternate August Birthstone
Sardonyx – like mostly gemstones, the name is derived from Greek word “Sard” , means of Reddish Brown and “Onyx” , means of Veined gem. Just like the name, it is brownish red and white color. The best source is from India and follows by Brazil, Germany, Uruguay and others.

 The Sardonyx image

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